18 HDB neighbourhood renewal projects delayed by over six months

Amidst the COVID pandemic placing intense challenges on the construction industry, 18 out of 32 NRP jobs that are under construction have already been suspended by beyond six mths, exposed the MND.

“Every of the 18 properties have already restarted building and construction works slowly from Oct2K20, and are projected to get wrapped up within the coming 2 to 3 years,” it explained in Parliament on Mon 1 November.

It was actually responding to MP Ng Ling Ling, who inquired about the variety of Neighbourhood Renewal Program jobs that have been obstructed by in excess of 6 mths and the scheduled time to eliminate the stockpile.

Concerning regardless if help regarding resources amounts would be opened to buildings contractors operating on these types of jobs, Ministry of National Dvlpmt made clear that help for raw material amounts is applicable for HDB BTO properties which “have a constitutional prearrangement for cover of price change of specified items”.

Furthermore considering services at Neighbourhood Renewal Prog properties are generally not really as complex, the Town Councils “doesn’t take in such a lawful provision for the service providers in their agreement”.

For this reason, the back up effort for resources amounts doesn’t involve contractors of NRP projects.

Leedon Green condominium

“However, Neighbourhood Renewal Program constructors affected by COVID can get on various alleviation measures supplied under the COVID (Temporary Measures) Act, and Town Councils is going to examine whether the relief efforts (e.g. prolongation plus labor charges) apply to their Neighbourhood Renewal Programme agreements,” said Ministry of National Dvlpmt.

The ministry directed that the BCA had likewise released on 3 November 2K20 the generic Lengthening of Time of 122 days for personal including public industry written agreements affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this, Town Councils may “at the same time evaluate farther EOT moments along with the building contractors appropriately”.

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