Singapore Ranked 123rd, Out Of 150 Countries For Residential Price Growth

SGP was positioned 123rd over 150 nations as property costs in the city state scaled by only 0.7percent year-on-year in the third quad of 2020, presented Knight Frank Global Residential Cities Index.

The PHP lead the rating, by having its capital, Manila, posting a 34.9percent year-on-year increase in house amounts.

Turkish cities Izmir (28 %), Ankara (27 percent) and Istanbul (26 %) obtained the 2nd, 3rd and fourth standings, respectively, whereas Russia’s St Petersburg (nineteen %) completed the top five.

Leedon Green – developer

The index’s annual growth rate raised between quarter 2 2020 plus quarter 3 2K20, starting with 4.1 % until 4.7 %, with 18 cities submitting cost increase of over 10 % year-on-year, matched up to sixteen percent in quarter two 2K20.

” All point of views are now on quart 4 information the moment we might observe more substantial regional differences emerge,” expressed Knight Frank Research.

” EU may identify cost buildup limited in Q4 caused by most recent curfew, preceding a fresh debut of pent up interest in Q1 2021, at the same time deals and price tags inside several parts of Asia might begin to gain resistance.”

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